Cole's Bar-B-Q

Online Testimonial

"...Whenever I want a GOOD BBQ sandwich or plate, or an ole-fashioned hamburger, Cole's is the place I go.  Founded by my dear friend the late Monte Cole years ago, Monte was the "real thing" in restaurant owners/managers, and insisted on nothing but the best.  (The Cole) family continues the concept or quality and service that drove Monte.

Not only is the food excellent and tasty, the service is quick. You might not think that a Shell gas station would be a popular place to eat, but it's usually hard to find a place to sit at the tables and booths during lunchtime, so I usually get mine to go.

As another reviewer stated, please ask for extra sauce on the side. Pickles, onions, jalapenos, etc. are on the bar near the food counter. In fact, I think I'll close this review and go to Cole's for a BBQ sandwich!!"

Our History


About Cole's Bar-B-Q

In 1971, the Cole family opened a barbeque restaurant on Interstate 45 in central Texas called Country Smokehouse, and it was an immediate success. 

People drove from afar and waited in long lines for a seat to get to eat this unique Texas-style barbeque - smoked with mesquite wood, just the way the cowboys did it during the chuck wagon days. 

The restaurant became a quick favorite for both central Texas patrons and interstate travelers from throughout the country. We have been at our current location since 1981. 

We slow cook our meats with mesquite wood on our authentic pit for up to fourteen (14) hours which is the true Texas tradition. There are many types of barbecue sauces - but none as unique as the one developed by the Cole's - which fully compliments our mesquite smoked meats. 

We have now served over 2 million meals in our now famous restaurant. 

Stop by if you are in the area - we'd love to see you!